Nighttime Moving Service

We all have obligations that prevent executing a move during business hours or on weekends. Some professionals don’t want the inconvenience and headache of having to shift their work schedule to accommodate a move. Whatever your reason for requiring a nighttime move, it’s important to understand that attempting a DIY move comes with many dangers and downfalls.

A Do It Yourself move can be costly, especially when you factor in insurance, breakages, and damage to furniture, your home and other belongings.

A DIY move can be very time-consuming.

A DIY moves can be extremely stressful and physically strenuous.

A DIY move means rent or purchase many tools to execute it.

It’s tempting to try a DIY move in order to avoid having to miss work or disrupt your busy schedule. From our experience it simply isn’t worth the many risks and costs involved. While weekend moving is an option, it may not be the right option for you or your family. If you have a hectic and demanding schedule during the week, you simply might not want to lose a day of your weekend. If you have a weekend job, social plans, appointments/errands, family obligations or childcare responsibilities, a weekend move may be difficult or impossible.

Most professional moving companies only complete moves during daytime hours and on weekends, a few offer “after hours moves” or “night moves”. Only Vans is an exception as we make every effort to accommodate each of our client’s schedules. When clients request a night move our moving team works hard to fulfill that request.

Schedule your Nighttime move in advance

There are a limited number of professional movers that execute local moves after hours (any time after 5pm), it’s important that you schedule your move as soon as possible. This is especially important if you have to move on a specific day of the week. At Only Vans we do everything in our power to accommodate last minute requests but to guarantee the availability of your preferred moves, booking as far ahead as you can is recommended.