Co-founder and Director of O.V Logistics | OnlyVans

Pj began his career working for an Irish Television Network where he developed an appreciation for the value of genuine communication, and drew inspiration to further his formal education. He earned a Masters degree in business management at the University of Dublin before relocating to achieve further academic enrichment at the University of California, Berkeley before being recruited by Coca-Cola and Ornua. Thanks to his experience in broadcasting and working for Fortune 500 companies, Pj observed that maintaining a core focus on customers, combined with quality products and strong branding, is the formula for sustained long-term success.

Prior to founding O.V Logistics, Pj noticed a gap in the market with a series of sub-satisfactory moving experiences, both personally and professionally during his tenure within the food & beverage industry. Upon surveying a wide variety of peers, he quickly discovered a widespread negative association with the endeavor of “moving”. By combining his background in communications, business and branding, Pj sought to craft uniquely uplifting logistics experience for his customers which could be facilitated consistently, even at scale.

Targeting the under-served niche between low cost operators and bigger moving companies with very high minimums and overall costly rates, OnlyVans was born to be regarded as a white-glove moving concierge.

O.V. specifically serving those seeking to perform small, local moves with less vehicle space required to accomplish the task. As the business expands, OnlyVans will incorporate larger box trucks into its vehicle fleet.

“We have genuine empathy for every prospective customer we encounter. We are local and committed to providing outstanding service to our customers by eagerly going above and beyond, providing trusted expertise with every step of the process – Moving, Staging and Delivery” –     

Pj Director of O.V Logistics.