Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much for size, weight and type of items?

Depending on the moving company and the type of item you have, its size and its weight, you might face different prices. 

An example of how costs vary for two heavy items : 

Pool table

The cost to move a pool table may be more than the standard hourly rate a moving company may charge to move a couch or a few tables. Pool table movers charge approximately $200 – $600 on average. When a pro moves your pool table, they typically also set it back up properly, paying strict attention to perfect balance until the client is happy with its new location.


Your piano’s balance, action and other moving parts need to be carefully handled to prevent performance problems after the move is complete. The cost of moving a piano will depend on where you live, what type of piano you have, how far you need the piano moved and whether any stairs are involved. The average cost to move a piano ranges from $175 – $500 on average.

Q. When to hire furniture movers and heavy lifters?

Furniture moving and heavy lifting services are most commonly used for moving items across short distances, such as inside your home or within the same office building. Or HIRE Only Vans if you’re caught for time, worried about damaging your furniture (or your wall paint) or if you just need an extra set of arms.

Q. Home Remodeling and Redecorating

Heavy-lifting professionals can be used for more than just traditional moving services. Furniture movers can make preparing for a home remodel much easier and safer. If you need to get sideboards, shelving, freestanding cabinets or heavy wood tables out of your dining room and kitchen, professional movers can safely stow the furniture in spare rooms or your garage until your home remodel is over.

Q. Staging your home

Getting your home ready to show to prospective buyers?

A minimalist setup helps them imagine themselves in the home. You might need to cut down on clutter, decor and furniture to create visual space in your house. Don’t throw your back out by moving furniture yourself, hire Only Vans can rearrange or remove existing furniture from your home and into storage.

Q. Moving single items

If you only have one (or very few items to move), we can help. Common requests for furniture moving help involve moving a couch or sofa, armchair, recliner, loveseat, dining table, bed frame, mattress, mirror, painting, piano, pool table, packed boxes and other household items.

Q. Rearranging your office

Hire Only Vans to move furniture around your business or office.

Q. Decluttering

If you have furniture you’re no longer using but don’t want to give it away, Only Vans can put it in your garage, a storage unit or anywhere else you’d like.