Biography of O.V Logistics | Only Vans

Our co-founder Pj was in dealing with several frustrating experiences of hiring expensive moving companies for trade events only to discover they were unable to delicately perform the job requested. The customer service was awful throughout. Many work tools and personal belongings were both damaged and lost, including some dearly cherished items, and the experience felt unapologetically abusive. It bothered Pj to consider there must be many more people who’ve endured similar experiences during their moves, and he knew there had to be a better way. OnlyVans was born shortly after in 2010.

Here at OnlyVans we put our hearts into our business, and we maintain genuine compassion for our customers.

We understand and appreciate that we’ve been hired to help eliminate the overwhelming stress associated with the labor-intensive undertaking of having valued possessions in limbo between prior and future places of comfort.

You can count on our team to eliminate all the stress and challenges of moving because we provide strength and expertise to guide, maneuver, and streamline everything from packing, to climate-controlled transport & storage to friendly deliveries.

Regardless of what the job entails, our unwavering commitment is to give you our full attention while delivering an exceedingly satisfying experience from start to finish.

Thanks for reading.