• OnlyVans is LOCAL and we support local. Our team work and live in Toronto and the GTA, we can perform multiple moves every day, including after hours moves. We’re familiar with the downtown core and nearby bordering cities and areas including apartment complexes, suburbs, and 65+ communities in southern Ontario.
  • OnlyVans works on YOUR SCHEDULE. Don’t settle for a DIY move just because you have to move after 5pm. The friends and family you’ll have to recruit to assist with such a move mean well and want to be helpful, but they don’t have the training or proper equipment necessary to execute the move successfully. We do and won’t fall out over who didn’t bring the snacks.
  • OnlyVans is experienced with SMALL BUSINESS / RESIDENTIAL moves where even more care and empathy is needed. Whether you’re moving the contents of an apartment or even just a few items within your home, we’ve got you. We can safely relocate all of your belongings, no matter how fragile, heavy, or difficult to manoeuvre.
  • OnlyVans have a PROFESSIONAL team of movers. Our movers do the heavy lifting and have the training, skills and equipment to protect your items. That means no damage to your property, walls, floors, or doorways. We save you money moving items quickly and without damage.

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